Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Surgery Nov. 30th

For the past ten days, we have been fighting the influenza and trying to all get better. I'm feeling a lot better, but not 100% yet. Cameron was doing a lot better and then yesterday he had a fever and his nose was more stuffy again. They did some blood cultures and tests to make sure no more problems have developed. We are waiting for those results back and we are hoping and praying everything looks good. Today he seems to be feeling a lot better and I hope to try to bottle feed him today for the first time since we have been back in hospital. On Monday, Cameron's broviack line for his antibiotics stopped working. They did an x-ray and discovered that the line was no longer in the right spot. Cameron still needs one antibiotic until the surgery, so on Tuesday he went to the cath lab to get the old line removed and put a new line is his groin/leg. I was really nervous about it because it seems like every time he goes to the cath lab something bad happens. The procedure went really good and he was able to get the breathing tube out while he was still in the cath lab. Cameron is slowly gaining more weight. He also started cooing and talking a lot more this week. On Monday, Cameron got a new cousin. My brother Jacob and sister-in-law Beth had a baby girl, Melea Rose. She was born on Jordan's birthday and they took her home yesterday.

Cameron's second surgery has been scheduled for November 30th. We are hoping that the flu is all cleared up by then, so the surgery doesn't have to be postponed. As long as the surgery is the 30th and the surgery goes good, the doctors are hoping to get us home for Christmas.

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