Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On Saturday morning Cameron's sickness was worse and he hadn't slept since 2am and he was not himself. Cameron was admitted to the hospital in Cleveland for dehydration from all the diarrhea he had been having since last Tuesday. When we got here his temperate spiked to 103. He was miserable and they stopped his feeds and got him on IV fluids. They put him in the PICU for closer observation. Jordan and I stayed at a hotel Saturday night and my mom stayed with Cameron. We were both exhausted since we hadn't got much sleep the night before. When we got to Cameron Sunday morning, he was so puffy from all the IV fluids. The doctor said since he was sick his kidneys weren't working as well and couldn't get rid of all the extra fluid. Cameron's labs showed that his sodium level was really high (169 and 130-145 is normal). Which means he really was badly dehydrated. We had been watching for it all week and talking to docs in Cleveland, but he wasn't showing a lot of visible signs for it. So on Sunday, his fever was 103 most of the day even with Tylenol and Motrin around the clock. Cameron has been so thirsty through all this and about the only thing that calmed him was letting him suck water off a washcloth. We have to be careful cause he can choke on it or start coughing from it. So Sunday I was holding him and giving him a little water and I stopped cause I didn't want to give him too much and cause him to choke. When I stopped he started getting really upset and all of a sudden he was trying to breath but wasn't getting any air. He started turning purple on me and Jordan started calling for help. Doctors and nurse came rushing to help, we were so worried. The monitor showed his oxygen went down to 7. They gave him extra support and prepared to put the breathing tube in if he didn't recover. He did recover with some extra oxygen support. We we so thankful. His IV had just stopped working so they put another on in and held off longer stopped his feeds of pedialite that he had just been started on that morning. Cameron recovered pretty well from the scary episode and he was soon back on only a half a liter. Jordan had to fly out of town Sunday afternoon because his work was sending him to training for a couple days. I didn't want him to leave and I know it was hard for him to go. Sunday evening my mom went home and I stayed with Cameron. He had a pretty good night., but I didn't get much sleep cause the PICU is so nosy. Yesterday, they started Cameron on some formula mixed with the pedialite. He did okay but was still having diarrhea. His fever was low grade and he was started to act more like himself. We got moved to step down yesterday evening and we had a even better night. I was able to sleep good because it is quieter and I was able to sleep in a bed. Cameron is really happy today and seems to be feeling a lot better. He is still having diarrhea and we are waiting for someone to come look at his feeding tube because his stomach tube seems a little clogged. Depending how the rest if the day and tonight goes we might be able to go home tomorrow, but we never know what tomorrow will hold. We just need to trust and have faith that God knows best and he will give us the grace and strength to get through it.