Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hospital Stay

Cameron was admitted to the PICU in Cleveland on Tuesday for high sodium.  They had changed some medications and sodium the week before and for some reason his sodium level spiked.  His sodium was 164 and 130s is normal. They don't like it to drop too fast, but the next morning it had dropped to 139.  He was acting funny yesterday, but seemed good enough to move to the floor. Right before he was going to be moved he had a scary episode.  He was resting in bed and all of a sudden he became stiff and unresponsive and his heart rate started dropping.  He turned purple and they had to bag him to get him to start breathing.  The doctors thought it was a seizure.  He wast acting normal after it happened and they gave him something to calm him.  They put EEG leads on his head too monitor for seizures, but so far they haven't seen anything they believe to be seizures.  He had done something similar the last time he was admitted to high sodium but it wasn't near as severe as this.  I was really scared since he wasn't acting normal and had no idea what would happen,  I had to try to get the worried thoughts out of my  mind an trust God had a plan. My mom and Jordan came later to be with us and soon after Jordan got here, Cameron smiled at him and started acting more normal.  We were so thankful.

My mom stayed the night in Cameron's room, while Jordan and I got a hotel room and got some sleep.  Cameron had a really good night and has been very happy and acting like himself.  We are waiting for some more results, but he might get moved to step down later today. 

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