Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two Funerals in One Week

On Monday of last week, my uncle Ed (my mom's brother) passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack.  We really wanted to be able to go to the funeral to be with all the family.  They live in Missouri, a 12 hour drive.  We didn't know if we would be able to take Cameron on that long of a trip.  Cameron had doctors appointments  all day on Wednesday and we asked them about taking Cameron on such a long trip.  They were really happy with how he was doing and planned where we should take Cameron if there was an emergency on the trip.  Cameron had gained over a pound in a week, so they adjusted his feed so he wouldn't gain as much so fast.  Two van loads left at 9 pm on Wednesday night.  With Cameron and   Josie two kids, we thought it would be easier to travel at night so the kids could sleep.  The trip went good and we enjoyed being with all the family on Thursday.  On Thursday, at 6 pm we got word that Zach, my brother-in-law, passed away.  One of my sisters and a brother went to be with Jenny and Zach instead of going to Missouri.  We were all praying he could go Home, he was so weary.  At 6pm, Zach took his last breath.  He went peacefully to his Heavenly home.  Jenny, Jacob, and Julie were with him when he took his last breath.  

After the funeral on Friday, we left for Indiana for Zach's funeral. We got there at 2 in the morning and then the viewing was on Saturday.  We were all exhausted emotionally and physically.  On Sunday, the funeral was nice but really hard.  Cameron was doing really good through all our traveling and being away from home. We were so thankful.  Jordan and some others went home on Sunday,  but Josie and I stayed till yesterday with our kids.  We are glad to be home after being gone almost a week.  

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