Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Reward

Our precious little Cameron is now Safe In The Arms of Jesus. He went Home to Heaven this morning at 2:15 while his daddy held him and mommy laid right beside them on the hospital bed. We are so thankful his suffering is now over and that he has embraced eternal bliss. Now for those of us still here looking on.... We need the prayers of those we love to continue on as we lay our heads down in this empty, quiet house. And we just hope that his loving smile and short precious life has touched the hearts and lives of many as much as it has ours. 


  1. What a journey. You have been in my thoughts and prayers today. It's been a blessing to "watch you" via this blog and it's been so inspiring and evident the amazing unconditional love you had for your little guy. He was so blessed to have you.

    Will continue to pray,

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with, Sarah...You guys are beautiful examples of what it means to love. Be assured that Cameron touched many hearts...including mine. His short life was filled with great purpose! We are so thankful to know he is safe with Jesus...but, our hearts ache with yours over the immense loss here on earth. We won't stop praying you through...