Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Week!

I went the to doctor on Tuesday with the birth mom and nothing had changed from the last week.  They are still planning to induce her next Thursday at 7pm, unless she goes into labor before then. 
I am try to plan and get prepared as if it could be any day. 

This week with the help of my cousin's husband, Mike, we added some more finishing touches to our baby room. My bother and his family got us a closet organizing set for the empty closet. On Monday, Mike and Sarah came over and Mike put in our closet and hung a couple of pictures. I thought that I would add some pictures for you to see it. I had chosen yellow for the room a while ago, knowing that I could add almost any colors with it for a boy or a girl.

                 (didnt know how to get a good pic of the whole closet, so this is only party of it)


  1. Cute Joy!! Looks really nice!! Excited for you guys!!

  2. Super excited for you two. I hadn't know that you were this far along in the process! Congratulations!