Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep On, Keeping On

Cameron has been doing good. We are very thankful. Sunday was the last day that he got methadone for withdrawal symptoms and so far he has been doing pretty good and hasn't needed any more. Cameron is still working at drinking from a bottle. It is a very slow process, he would much rather have it put down his NG feeding tube. I just need to keep being patient and keep working with him. Cameron is now off oxygen, which has been a slow process to get him here. We were so glad to see that go. The last day of Cameron's antibiotics is on September 29th. We hope to go home a couple days after that if all goes good. We can't wait to take our son home!

Last Friday was a big day for us. We have been waiting to sign adoption placement papers ever since Cameron was born. On Friday, we signed papers and we finally have legal custody of Cameron! Ohio adoptions take 6 months to finalize.

The doctors and nurses are starting to teach us how to care for Cameron at home. They want to get us all ready so when the antibiotics are done, we are all ready to go home. There is a check list of things we need to know and be able to do, so we can go home. We are so ready to be home.

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  1. Dear ones

    We can truly relate with your desire to just be able to go home! May God's perfect peace sustain you as you linger in the hospital setting!