Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Step Down Unit!

I know it is past due for an update. I have been a busy mom. Monday afternoon, Cameron got moved out of the PICU to the step down unit! We were so excited, but also nervous about what it would be like. We knew the PICU had the best care and knew that Cameron wouldn't get as much one on one in the step down. Moving brought good change and more progress. We can now help with most of Cameron's care and can get him out of bed when we want to and without the nurses help. I love being able to actually being able to take care of him. I am planning on staying with him a lot at night or at least part of the night. Cameron shares a room right now with another baby, which makes things hard. Even if Cameron is sleeping, I can't always sleep because the other baby is crying. Yesterday, Cameron started on bolus feeds, which is a feed given over 30 min. Instead of having a small amount of milk going in his tube all the time, he gets a bolus feed every three hours. I also got to feed him with a bottle for the first time! He did really good and drank 8 ml. Only a small amount, but it wore him since it was the first time and he needs to learn how to drink. With the rest of the milk, they do it as a bolus feed. I have been trying to feed him a bottle every other feed and each feed he has drank more through the bottle. At his 4am feed, he drank 20ml.

We are so thankful for all the progress Cameron is making. He still has a ways to go and still has about three and a half weeks on his antibiotics.

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