Friday, March 29, 2013

More Pictures

We have been doing good. On Monday, i thought we might have to go back to Cleveland. Cameron's g-tube got plugged with his med. I called to Cleveland and they said to try to put ginger-ale in it otherwise, we would need to go to Cleveland to have a new tube put in. I prayed and prayed, hoping that the tube would unclog. After letting the ginger-ale sit it the tube, I tried again and this time it cleared. We were so thankful! Otherwise Cameron is doing good and now weighs over 15 pounds.

Zion and Moriah came to town Monday. Zach and Jenny are hoping to be able to come tonight after his doctor apt, as long as he feels like he can travel. He has not been doing very good. Monday night my family came over in the evening for my birthday and all the grandchildren were together for the first time. It was a loud house and Cameron wasn't too impressed.

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