Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good News! So Thankful!

Cameron's x-ray this morning looked a lot better.  The extra oral diuretics over night did a good job getting rid of a lot of the extra fluid around the lungs. It was decided to continue with the oral diuretics and that he would not have to get a central line put in.  We were so happy that he didn't need the line or need to be put asleep.  He had an echo and the echo showed his heart was functions were about the same as the last echo, which is good.  By afternoon he was doing so much better.  He started eating by mouth for me today after refusing to eat for over a week.  All that extra fluid in his body was keeping him from wanting to eat. We are so happy he drank from his sippy cup and ate baby food.  He was happy too!  

Cameron will get another x-ray done in the morning and depending on how things go, we hope to go home tomorrow.  We will see,  God has a plan and all in his time.  My mom was with us today and yesterday and Jordan came for a visit tonight.  We were so glad to see him.  Cameron cried when he got here because Jordan couldn't hold him fast enough.  He wanting Jordan right when he saw him.  As you can see he snuggled with Jordan and gave him lots of kisses! 


  1. Praising God with you! So thankful to hear such good news! Love the pictures... Cameron is precious!

  2. that is so cute!!

    excited for his progress!