Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the Hospital

Cameron had been doing good and was able to get his feeding tube replaced last Tuesday.  The procedure went really good and was a lot simpler than we thought it would be.  Since that he hasn't wanted to eat anything by mouth.  I'm not sure why, but he is getting lots of new teeth now and plus has been fighting a cold still.

Today we had a scheduled apt in Cleveland with cardiology, but yesterday he started getting really puffy eyes all of a sudden.  This morning his one eye was so puffy it was almost shut.  I was pretty sure we would have to stay in the hospital so i packed clothes.  

Cameron got an x-ray and labs when we got here today. The x-ray showed that he has a lot of extra fluid around the lungs and that alone was enough to keep him in the hospital.  He needs IV diuretics to get rid of all that fluid, but after many many pokes he still has no IVs.  We got moved to PICU and the plan is to put him under tomorrow and put in a central line.  While he is asleep they plan on doing an echo and depending on how things look and how he is doing, they might put in a chest tube to get rid of the fluid faster.  We are not sure yet when the procedure will be tomorrow.  

Thanks for your prayers.

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