Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hard Times

At the end of last week, Cameron was doing a lot better. He got moved out of the PICU/ICU on Saturday afternoon and we were hoping to go home early this week. On Sunday afternoon, Cameron was sleeping peacefully in bed and I noticed his heart rate was too high for him when he was sleeping. He then started getting fevers. After he was poked for blood cultures and given Tylenol, he settled down and seemed back to normal. Jordan and I went to get rest that night since Cameron seemed to be doing good. Jordan went back to work in the morning.

Cameron had a bad night. His fever kept coming back and his heart rate going up. When he was awake and upset it would be 190s-200s. The doctors would poke him for blood every time to try to figure out what was going on. From x-rays if his heart, they noticed that his heart was enlarged, but were unsure why and couldn't see enough from the x-ray.

Yesterday afternoon, several doctors came into the room to give me the bad news. Cameron's blood cultures came back positive for an infection in his blood again. That was so hard for me to hear, we were hoping to be going home and now we might be in the hospital for a long time for antibiotics. They needed to get an IV in to give antibiotics, but I figured they wouldn't get on since they already ruined all his good veins. Poor guy has bruises all over his arms and feet. They used ultrasound to get an IV and it stopped working as soon as they started putting the antibiotic in. We were sent back to the PICU to get a central line in. Yesterday was a very long and hard day. I was exhausted and hoped a good nights rest would help me feel better about things.

I rested good, but we got more bad news this morning. Cameron had another positive blood culture for infection. With more then one positive culture, they will now probably need to treat this infection like it is in his heart. Which might mean another 6 weeks of antibiotics in the hospital. They want to try to get a better look at his heart to figure out why it is enlarged. They need to put him under for it, which means the breathing tube needs to go back in. They want to do it today, but I'm still waiting to hear if they are doing it today. We are also waiting to hear the plan of action for sure.

I know God is in control and has a plan in all this, but it is hard in times like this to remember that.

(Cameron still has some smiles for us when he feels better)


  1. So sorry to hear this....praying for you as you wait on God. It is so hard to see a little one suffering.

  2. We love and are lifting your family up to the Lord Almighty and great Physician.

  3. Praying!!

    Much love, Stacy and Maddie