Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Six Weeks of Antibiotics

On Monday, Cameron got his broviack/pic line back in for his long term course if antibiotics. He needs to get 6 weeks of antibiotics and we have one week done. During this procedure they also put a catheter into his heart to get good pictures of it. He needed it done for the next surgery. During the procedure his blood pressure dropped and they had to give him blood. He came back from the procedure with the breathing tube in. The doctors were happy with the pictures of his heart and the plan right now is to do the next surgery once the antibiotics are done.

Monday night Cameron wasn't opening his eyes and was moving his arm in a strange position. They were worried what was going on in his brain. They did tests and everything looked fine. To make sure they didn't miss anything, they did an MRI and a spinal tap yesterday. They wanted to make sure there wasn't an infection. So far everything looks good and they are hoping to be able to get the breathing tube out today.

I'm starting to get back into my routine of hospital life. We have been back for two weeks already.

Since being back in the hospital, Cameron found his fingers and decided they are so much better than his pacifier!

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