Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Little Man

Cameron was able to get the breathing tube out last Wednesday. It went really good and by the next day he wasn't on any oxygen. On Friday, we were moved out of the PICU to a regular floor. Cameron is up to his full feeds (24ml/hr) and is getting it all through the ng tube right now.

Today the nurses on Cameron's floor are dressed like bumble bees and Cameron likes their antennas bouncing on their heads. We have also seen people dressed like feet with flip flops on and they gave Cameron a really soft monkey. The staff are really trying to brightening up the day for all the kids that are in the hospital and make it special with fun activities. Today, we dressed Cameron up in a cute little shirt and he looks so grown-up.

Tomorrow we are planning on being moved to Cleveland Clinic's Children's Rehab center. It is about 10 minutes away from the hospital. Cameron's doctors think it will be good for Cameron to move there until it is time for the next surgery. The rehab center will do more therapy with Cameron and also work more on getting Him to drink from a bottle. Jordan and I have mixed feelings about the move, but we want what is best for Cameron. I think it is the idea of getting used to a new place and new people, that makes us nervous about it. Once we get used to it, we will hopefully like it.

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