Monday, February 18, 2013

Back in the Hospital

So we were home for only four days.... And it was so nice to be there. Saturday Cameron slept most of the day and his eyelids were a little puffy. I called the hospital and talked to the cardiologist and he said keep and eye on a few different things and call him in the morning. My cousin, Arthur, offered to come take care of Cameron for the night so I could get some sleep. He is an RN and works night. At 4am, Jordan got up to go milk at his parents farm. Around 4:15-4:30, Jordan starts yelling for me. Cameron 4am feed had be going about 10min and he started gagging and then choking. Arthur did back blows on him and ended up getting a mucus plug out of his throat, but Cameron went limp and stopped breathing. We had a pulse ox on him and it dropped and then went blank and stopped picking up. We thought we had lost him. Arthur did CPR and Jordan called for a squad. After some CPR, Cameron started to slowly come back to. Then he started crying and we were so relieved. The pulse ox started reading again and his heart rate and oxygen went up. I turned his oxygen up to 2 liters to help him recover and give him all the support we could till the squad got there. Cameron was doing pretty good when they got there and I had time to get ready to ride with them. I called Cleveland and they of course wanted to have Cameron brought there, but we went to the closest ER first for the doctor to check him out and make sure he was stable enough to travel. By then Cameron was awake and even smiled at me. We then got transported to Cleveland by a squad and Cameron slept and was calm. We came strait to PICU. I thought Cameron was doing good considering all he had just been through. They didn't do any major changes with Cameron's care than what we were doing at home because he was doing so well. They wanted to be able to see what he was doing with feeds before making changes. They did and X-ray and it showed that his heart was enlarged. Possibly because he had too much fluid in his body so they have him an extra med to help. Yesterday they were able to go down on oxygen and today he is now on half a liter which is what he was on at home. Today they changed his feeding schedule to get four bulus feeds during the day and have them run slow over 90 min. and then give him continues feeds at night. They want to see if he would gage so much with feeds and so far he seems to be doing better with feeds. Today they did an echo to make sure his heart was okay. The echo showed that the artery that they had ballooned in the cath lab six weeks ago was more narrow. We are waiting for his cardiologist to look at the echo tomorrow and for them to decided what needs to be done and how soon.

Cameron should be moved to step down in the morning. We have so much to be thankful for. We know God could have stopped what happened, but that wasn't His will. He knew what was to come and knew that Arthur would be there to help save Cameron's life. It is so amazing to think about it!


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