Monday, February 4, 2013

Step Down Unit

Saturday morning, my mom came and stayed with Cameron and I went home. I spent time with family and Jordan and I went to Javan and Josie's to see them and the new baby. Weston is so cute and is so tiny. Adelynn keeps growing and loves babies, but is not quite sure what to think of her new baby brother. Jordan and I went to church Saturday night and then left in good time Sunday morning to head back to Cameron.

Cameron's medications all got changed from IV to oral on Saturday and he has been having a hard time tolerating them. With feeds going up and all the medications, he had been spitting up. He had always spit up, so it is hard to know if what is normal. Today, we got moved out of PICU and to step down. It was a busy day, but we are so glad we are a step and closer to getting home. Cameron seemed to have a little bit of a rough day with his oxygen going down when he spit up and was upset. He hasn't been dropping his oxygen saturation much since his last surgery and getting off the breathing tube. I'm hoping he does better tomorrow, they say that when they move children to other units the children seem to have a rough day with the change.

I know you would ask, " So.... When do you think you can go home?" God has taught us, even more so in the last six months, that we need to take one day at a time and that we have no control. God is in control and we are so glad, even though many times we want to question "Why?" They can plan a day for us to go home, but we aren't going home until Cameron is discharged and everything is packed and ready to go. I know it wont be this week, but maybe next. Only God knows what day we will be able to go home as a family.

Oh...and Cameron is really 6 months now!

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  1. We continue to think of you! Rejoicing with you that you could transition out of the PICU.