Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cath Lab Tomorrow

Cameron is going to the cath lab first thing in the morning. They want to do it now while he is healthy and doing good. They want to put a stint in, but they will need to modify it for him so it doesn't block a vessel. This is why they didn't end up putting a stint in last time. They ballooned the LPA that is narrow, but that did not last for long. Also, Cameron has a lot of extra collaterals that they hope to block so his oxygen can be higher. Again they wanted to do this during the last cath, but Cameron dropped his blood pressure and they didn't want to take the risk and stress his body an more. They are hoping that since Cameron is doing so good right now that the procedure will go good without him dropping his blood pressure. We will see... we are hoping and praying that it will go good.

My mom came to be with me last night and is staying with me for the procedure tomorrow. We have be staying at the Cleveland Clinic Guest House because we cant get into the Ronald McDonald house. We are on the waiting list for Ronald McDonald, but it sounds like it will be at least Friday if not longer until we can get a room.

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