Friday, August 24, 2012

Four Weeks Old!

Today Cameron is 4 weeks old. We had a good day. Cameron got a new line put in, the procedure went as planned. This is the long term line that he will get his 6 weeks of antibiotics through and any other things he stilld needs.  He did get put back on the ventilator for the procedure, but they hope to be able to remove it in the morning.  If all goes well in the morning, I hope to go home and go to a family picnic with Jordan and also go to Jordan's work picnic. 

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  1. Joy,
    So thankful to get a hold of this blog. You, Jordan and Cameron will be in our prayers. With Jonny being born 4 weeks early we understand the rollercoaster of recovery for a baby in the NICU....and how much you want to be there every minute. Just remember to take time for yourselves so that you aren't burnt out by the time you get to bring him home. He is in good hands at the hospital I am sure. God is in control and will provide. Love you! Bruce and Laura Gottier