Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We are Praising God!

Today was the big day for open heart surgery. We started our day early so Jordan and I could spend sometime with Cameron before he went to the surgery room. My mom, Bob and Lori came to be with us soon before they moved Cameron. Bob prayed with us and we followed Cameron to the surgery and we kissed him good-bye.
That was really hard, but we knew God was holding Cameron in His hands.

Throughout the day we got updates every hour, which made the day go fast. Each report was really good, with everything going as planned. Jordan's mom, Josie and Jessie came to be with us around 2:45. At 3, Dr. Stuart (surgeon) was done with his part and within an hour came and talked to us. He said everything went really good and was very positive how everything went. We were so thankful to God that such a difficult and long surgery had gone so well. It was a miracle! Just think of how small a babies fist is, that is the size of their heart also. This surgery is one of the toughest surgeries to do. At 6:30, Jordan and I were able to come and see our son! He was doing really good! I am now spending the night in Cameron's room because in the first 24-48 hours they expect ups and downs. His mommy does not want to leave him.

Thank-you so much for the prayers, we have been able to feel them.


  1. This is wonderful news, and we are praising God with you!

  2. Rejoicing with you in the birth of your baby boy and a successful surgery!!

    Thanks for letting us peak-in on your journey (Jenny keeps me in the loop some too ;))

    Sarah F.