Monday, December 3, 2012

God's Time

Cameron has had some ups and downs since surgery on Friday. On Saturday, Cameron needed a blood infusion. He was pretty swollen in his face and some all over his body, but nothing like the first surgery. In the afternoon, he got the breathing tube out and was doing pretty good. He was breathing pretty hard, but they hoped that would get better with sometime. Cameron was doing good when Jordan left for the night, but we knew it was possible the breathing tube would need to go back in. At 4am on Sunday morning, Cameron spiked a fever and his oxygen saturation dropped. He was having a really hard time breathing, so he had to get the breathing tube back in. They got blood cultures to check to make sure there was no infections. They hoped he got a fever just from surgery and being bundled too much. Even though he had to get the breathing tube in, he seemed to be doing good on Sunday. His swelling had gone down a lot and he looks more like himself. They wanted to let him get all rested up to take the tube out in a day or so. He has been kept mostly sedated so he wont be uncomfortable. Today Cameron's x-ray showed fluid in his chest that his one chest tube hasn't gotten out yet. They put a smaller chest tube in to try to get the fluid out. So far the blood cultures are negative for an infection. Right now Cameron is getting more blood since his blood levels are a little low. One thing after the other, but overall Cameron is doing pretty good. The doctors are hoping to try to get the breathing tube out later today or tomorrow.

I just need to keep reminding myself that God has a special plan and all in His time. We are so ready to take Cameron home, but only God knows when it will be the right time.

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