Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slow Progress

On Monday, Cameron gave me a scare. The respiratory therapist was suctioning his breathing tube out and he got really upset. He ended up holding his breath, turning purple and then passing out. He was fine, just really scared his mom. My mom came later in the day and stayed in Cleveland with us. On Tuesday morning, they thought Cameron was ready to get the breathing tube out. When they tried he lasted about 2 minutes and stopped breathing. They had to do compressions on him and give him several doses of epi before having to put the breathing tube back in. Everyone was so disappointed that Cameron had to get the tube right back in. After this episode, he was the most awake I had seen him since surgery. He was content and looking around and looked like he wanted to smile at us. Josie and Adelynn came to visit and then Josie spent more time with me and my mom took Adelynn home. They did a echo and ultrasound to make sure that everything looked okay with his heart and also to make sure his diaphragm was working. The ultrasound showed that the diaphragm was good, but the echo showed that the heart's right ventricle's function was not as good as it was before the surgery. They are thinking that it was caused from the compressions and problems he had that morning. Last night my mom came back and I spent the night in Cameron's room because they were going to get him off some sedation in case they decided to try to take the tube out in the morning. I wanted to stay close because Cameron calms down for me. Right now the plan is to let him relax and grow stronger the next couple days. They started him on a slow continues feed today, also On Friday, they plan on doing another echo and seeing how his heart looks. Depending on the echo the hope to get the breathing tube out Friday or sometime this weekend. Cameron is having a good day today, he now has both the chest tubes out and his incision seems to be healing well.

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