Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preparing to Go Home

We have had some ups and downs this past week, but through it all Cameron has made good progress. On Tuesday, Cameron was taken off high flow oxygen and put on a low flow/normal oxygen. He has been doing pretty good on it and they have been able to go down on the oxygen some. Cameron's last echo showed that his heart functions looked really good with a lot of improvements between this echo and the last. Yesterday, Cameron got his pic line out and he was moved out of PICU to step down. We are so thankful Cameron is doing so good now. Today Cameron got switched to a normal ng tube for feeds and also on bolus feeds every 3 hours. He has handled the change pretty good. The doctors and nurses are getting everything together so we they say we can go, so we don't have to wait on prescriptions and stuff. We have oxygen set up for at home coming tomorrow because he will probably need to be on oxygen at home for at least a little while. If all goes as planned we hope to be able to take Cameron home for Christmas, Sunday or Monday. We will see' only God knows what is ahead. Thanks much for all the prayers!

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