Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last Friday, Cameron had another echo and it was about the same as the last one. They decided to go up on his heart medication and give him a couple more days to get stronger before pulling the breathing tube out again. Everyone decided it was best to go slow than to risk another set back. They started feeding Cameron some while the breathing tube was still in. Cameron started doing better and on Sunday they took the breathing tube out and he did really good. They kept him on the ventilator, but with a special cannula in his nose. I got the hold Cameron for the first time on Sunday after the tube was out. It is so good to get hold my baby again. Cameron's feeds had to get stopped when he got the breathing tube out and yesterday the put a special ng tube in and started feeding him. Yesterday he was taken totally off the vent and put on high flow oxygen. They are going down slowly on the oxygen and is on 3 litters. Once he goes down to two litters of oxygen, he can be taken off high flow to a normal oxygen setup. Cameron is also getting more feeds today, which makes him a happier boy.

As far as us taking Cameron home, we are taking it one day at a time. I have asked a couple of Cameron's doctors if they think it is possible for us to have Cameron home for Christmas and they said they think it is. They said to not give up hope. This year for Christmas, the best gift for Jordan and I would be to have our son home for Christmas! God has a perfect plan for us and that's what we want.

Last week I went home Thursday night and for part of Friday. Jordan had his work Christmas, so I got to go with him to it. I was with family and spent some time Beth, Malachi and Melea and also Josie and Adelynn. Zion and Moriah in Ohio now while Zach and Jenny are in Hati. Today my mom, Josie, Adelynn, Zion, Moriah and I spent time together in Cleveland and went to the Botanical Gardens. The kids really liked the butterflies and the train ride.

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