Monday, December 24, 2012

Tough News

I got sick on Friday and was finally starting to feel better yesterday, but decided to stay away from Cameron until today. My mom came and was with Cameron Friday and Saturday. She was a big help. Jordan and Julie spent time with Cameron yesterday and we were supposed to go home today. Yesterday, Cameron started breathing hard and they did a chest x-ray and culture to see what was going on in his body. His chest x-ray showed that his left diaphragm is pushing up into the lung and not working very good. Just hearing that, we knew we weren't going to be taking Cameron home for Christmas. They also did an ultrasound. We needed to wait until this morning when Cameron's surgeon and doctors before knowing what they thought and what needed to be done. The surgeon, is not sure what happened because he said that he wasn't even near it during that last surgery. He said Cameron needs surgery to fix the problem. He will go in with an incision in his side and then put some stitches in the diaphragm to keep it from pushing into the lung. The plan was to do surgery on Wednesday, but the culture came back positive for a respiratory virus so surgery will have to wait. Lots of disappointments, but God is still in control.

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  1. Thinking again of you all as you care for dear Cameron! How wonderful it is that we can trust our Great God at all times. May He continue to comfort and sustain!

    Garth, Hannah, Colby and Katrina