Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Awaiting Surgery

Surgery for the diaphragm is now scheduled for the Wednesday, Jan. 9th. Not too much has changed with the little guy lately, Cameron has been doing good and feeling well. He has gotten a little congested. They think part of that is because he can't cough stuff up very well with one lung not functioning correctly. Last Thursday Joy came home from Cleveland for the Rufener Family Christmas.  In the evening I began to get a fever and came down with a nice case of strep throat so Joy has been home taking care of me. She plans to head back up in the morning as I'm up and planning to go back to work again.

It has been so hard for me (Joy) to not see Cameron since last Thursday evening.  I wanted to be able to take care of Jordan, buy I missed Cameron so much.  It has been nice to be home and really nice to be able to go to church Sunday afternoon and this morning. Strep throat can take a while to show up, so I have been afraid to go see Cameron and get him sick.  I am planning to go back to Cleveland to be with Cameron tomorrow. I am just hoping and praying that since I haven't got strep yet, that I won't and that Cameron can stay healthy.  Tomorrow the doctors are going to be doing pre-surgery stuff and talking to me about the surgery and the possibility of putting a G tube in during the next surgery.  A G tube is a feeding tube that goes right into the stomach.  I hope to find out more about it tomorrow. 

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