Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Surgery....Done

Cameron's surgery went well today. They took him to the operating room at about 9. He had 3 different teams work on him today. The first was a throat specialist team to just look at his upper air ways for damage and or issues. The upper part looked great. The lower had a soft spot and it would collapse slightly when he breathes but that is common and is usually grown out of with no work needed. The next team put the g-tube in his stomach for feeding him. After 24 hours that can be used. No trouble with that either. The last crew was Dr. Stewart and company stitching his diaphragm down. That went well also. It was done through just a small incision in his side. We got to see the before and after x-rays of his lung and its very obvious that this made a huge difference on his left side. The plan for tomorrow is to go in the central line that was put in today and install a stint in a narrow spot in his artery. The artery is about 5mm wide and in this particular spot in looks to be about 3mm which may be causing pressure and flow issues. So he will be left on the vent until after that procedure is done tomorrow. He's doing well breathing over the vent right now so hopefully that will continue, as it has been an issue getting him off the vent a number of times in the past.

Thanks so much for all the prayers!

These pictures are before surgery and then after the surgery today.

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