Monday, January 7, 2013

Surgery Thursday

Cameron is growing and now weighs over 12 pounds. After being away from him while Jordan was sick, Cameron seemed to really get bigger. He has been doing pretty good. Friday he started wheezing and struggled more with keeping his oxygen saturation up. I went home to be with my family, Zach and Jenny and the kids were still here. We got together with the Greenbank family. That evening Cameron's oxygen kept dropping and they ended up giving him some breathing treatments. Since then though he has been doing better. Yesterday, they did another culture swab and so far it is coming back negative. For Cameron to be able to have surgery this week, he needs a negative culture. We should know for sure tomorrow. Cameron's surgery had been moved to Thursday because they want him to be the first OR case of the day since he has to be without food for so long before. On Wednesday, the other patient needs to go first. During the surgery they do plan on putting a g tube, stomach tube in. I am kind of excited about it because that means Cameron won't have to have a tube in his nose.

Today, I gave Cameron his first "real" bath. Cameron always seemed to have IV lines, stitches or something keeping me from putting him in water. He had always just had sponge baths. Today I sat him in a little tub to give him his bath. He does not like his sponge baths and wasn't sure he liked soaking in warm water either. I hope to post some pictures of his bath later. Hope you like the cute pictures I have today.
Cameron's daddy thinks he needs a hair cut, what do you think? His hair sure is long when you stick it up! I cut Jordan's hair but I'm not sure about cutting a baby's hair.


  1. Love the pictures! Especially the last one! That's quite the hair-do! : ) We will be praying that Cameron's surgery goes well!

  2. I am sure that your decision to cut or not to cut doesn't hinge on my opinion, but I must say I am a huge fan of Cameron's hair. He is so adorable. I must admit to being quite impressed by the length in his last photo! Wow, he has lovely hair.