Friday, January 18, 2013

Cath Lab

Yesterday, Cameron was taken to the cath lab around 9. The plan was to put a stint in his narrowed artery, get a good look inside his arteries/body, put a picc line and possibly block of some veins that would help his oxygen levels be higher. They got a picc line in and also put a arterial line in. When they looked at his narrowed artery, they decided to balloon it up instead of putting a stint in. They said it was just so small for a stint but that before his next surgery (3-5 years old) he would probably need the stint but in. During the procedure his blood pressure started dropping, but they were more prepared for it since it happened before in the cath lab. They think his body just was having a hard time with all the stress on his body, especially with major things down two days in a row. They were able to give Cameron some medication and some blood and get his blood pressure stable. After that happened they decided to be done with the procedure, instead of putting his body under more stress. When they brought Cameron back to his room, his oxygen saturation was low and his blood pressure was low. They put him on a pressure medication, hoping that would help with his oxygen saturation a and his blood pressure. His oxygen saturation went up, but it took most of the evening before his blood pressure was up and staying up.

When I got here this morning, Cameron was wide awake and smiling at me. It was so good to see him happy and comfortable. He had a good night and they have been working on going down on the ventilator settings. He did have a fever in the night, but they aren't too concerned since he had been having some before. We hope soon he will be ready to get the breathing tube out. They won't try to get the tube out today because he still has extra fluid in his body so they want him to get that off. They also want him to be able to rest today after all he went through the last 2 days. Today they started giving him 5ml an hour of formula through his new g tube. It is so nice to have the ng tube out of his nose.

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