Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slow Steps

Last Friday morning, Cameron was doing good and my mom came to be with him so I could go home and come back Saturday afternoon with Jordan. It was really good to be home a little bit. Cameron started getting fevers after I left on Friday. We were really disappointed and afraid what blood cultures and labs would come back with. Jordan and I stopped at Jacob and Beth's a little bit to drop something off and see them before we went to Cleveland. Melea slept the whole time we were there, but Malachi was so excited to see "Jordy." He loved Jordan's hat and wanted to wear it. I really miss being at home close to family and friends and the Church.

All weekend Cameron had fevers, high ones too. He was pretty miserable all weekend and Monday. He was very uncomfortable and wasn't sleeping much day or night. They were trying to figure out what was wrong, all his cultures were coming back negative. Which we were glad, but we still didn't know why he was getting fevers. He was doing this before his last surgery too. They kept thinking maybe he was withdrawing from morphine, but didn't know for sure. Monday they started him on methadone to see if that would help. He continued to get 103 fevers, but the methadone did help him and he started sleeping and being more comfortable.

The last few days we seemed to be getting no where, they weren't trying to go down on oxygen and they were constantly trying to get his electrolytes normal. They don't like to go too fast with Cameron, but it seemed they were going too slow. I spoke my concerns to one of Cameron's doctors and she agreed and said she would talk to the other doctors and make some plans. Cameron has been sleeping a lot with all the sedation and methadone he is still on so they started going down on those. They plan to get him off the RAM cannula today and put him in high flow oxygen, so we will see how he does. Then they plan to start feeding him a little bit. Cameron has not been himself for a long time, but today he is smiling and talking and really happy. He is more awake and happy than I have seen him for weeks and weeks. I hope and pray that he will do good with the changes they make today.

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