Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the PICU

Friday night, Cameron spiked a high fever and needed more oxygen. They moved him to PICU and put him on high flow oxygen. I was with Cameron most of the night, just holding his pacifier in and trying to get him to sleep. He would fall asleep, but when his pacifier would fall out he would start fussing. His feeds had to be stopped when he was put on high flow so he was a hungry boy. It was a rough night, with no sleep for me. I did finally leave the hospital and went to bed for several hours around 5 am. They did more cultures to see if this time anything would be positive for infection or virus. He got an IV put in and the put him on IV antibiotics and fluid. Cameron has been sleeping a lot the past several days and when he wakes up he cries. He just has not been himself. Saturday, his face and some of his body started getting puffy. There has been so much going on and Cameron is keeping everyone on their toes. Jordan and I were able to get away a little while yesterday to go to my cousin Samuel's wedding reception. Cameron had a pretty good day yesterday and the fevers seemed to be gone. Starting last night, the fevers were back again. All of Cameron's cultures are coming back negative, so they still can't figure out why he is getting fevers. They are 102-103 degree fevers too. Today they did an echo and saw that the left pulmonary artery looks narrowed more than before would could be adding to some of his problems and maybe the swelling.

Right now the plan is the go forward with the diaphragm and g tube surgery on Wednesday and then see how he does. He might also need a cath to look at the arteries better and possibly but a stint in to open the artery. Only God knows what this week holds for Cameron. We are so thankful that He is in control and has a perfect plan for Cameron.

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