Wednesday, November 27, 2013

16 Months Old

Today Cameron is sixteen months old, hard to believe.  With Cameron's fevers over the weekend and Monday, the scope of his airway was canceled.  We were disappointed, but the team was afraid to put him under the stress.  His fevers have continued and all new blood cultures are negative.  His "pic" line does have a clot around it, but they say it is pretty common.  They don't think it's the reason for the fevers, but with Cameron it is possible.  They decided to leave the line on rather than putting in a new line.  Over the last couple days they have been going down on the vent settings an this morning at 11am they pulled the breathing tube out.  He did really good and was pretty calm for it, but this time they didn't turn all his sedation off.  He is still actually on the ventilator it is just a non-invasive nasal cannula.  So a lot of support still, but they wanted to take slow steps this time to help hopefully keeping him from needing the tube.  We are so thankful the tube is out and we hope and pray it will stay out.  He really looks so good and is very comfortable so we have high hopes.  

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  1. Your family has really been on our hearts these past weeks. We continue to pray for you, knowing the ups and downs of watching your child go through these things are so painfully difficult. Praying you'll soon be home again. Happy 16 months, precious Cameron!