Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rough Days

On Thursday,  Cameron got the breathing tube out in the afternoon.  He didn't sound very good because of all the secretions he had in his throat.  Suctioning and coughing wasn't getting it cleared out.  He just didn't sound good and we were afraid he would have to get the tube back in. He dropped his oxygen to the 30s and turned blue not long after got the tube out. He was calm and comfortable so we went to sleep at the Ronald McDonald house. Jordan left for work at 4:30 and at about 5:15 I got the call the the tube was going to be put back in. I called Jordan and he went the rest of the way home and got clothes and turned around and came back.  Cameron was getting worn out and working harder to breathe so they put the tube in because they were afraid he would stop breathing.  It was a very hard day for us with Cameron getting the tube back in.  He is doing better today.  We had been wondering if there was something wrong with his airway and now that he failed getting the breathing tube out and keeping it out they are going to look at his airway. On Monday morning the plan is for Cameron to go to the OR to have his throat looked at.  We are wondering if there is scaring that has been caused from the breathing tube being put in so many times and it is causing him to have a hard time breathing especially when he is sick.  So other then trying to go down on the vent some and getting more extra fluid out of his body, we are hoping for an uneventful weekend.

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