Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back in Cleveland

So I'm not doing so good updating the blog unless we are in the hospital.   Well, Cameron got back in the hospital yesterday.  

At home Cameron has been doing good.  He is now starting to sit by himself and army crawling. He is Getting almost anywhere he wants to and I'm getting him untangled from his oxygen tubing.  He loves toys with noise and lights and touchy feely books.  As far as him eating by mouth, some days he does good and other days he won't touch food.  Not sure why this is but hopefully someday he will eat more. 

So Cameron got pink eye Sunday afternoon and I started him eye drops right away and then took him to the Wooster Cleveland clinic branch.  His pink seemed to clear up fast with drops, but Tuesday he was really sleeping and wanted held a lot. During the night he started having some squeaky breathing and breathing a little labored.  Wednesday morning he had puffy eyes and I was pretty sure that we should bring him to Cleveland to at least be looked at.  My mom came with Cameron and I and he got admitted to the PICU for his labored breathing.  

They got an IV in and started IV lasix and also gave him some steroids for his wheezy/squeaky breathing.  They put him on high flow oxygen and stopped his  feeds.  This morning he was up at 4 am crying and fussing because he was hungry.  He couldn't be fed since he was on so much oxygen flow.  I think that is one of the hardest things to go through at the hospital.  Watching Cameron cry cause he is so hungry and not being able to feed him.  Today they worked in going down on his oxygen and started him in a very small amount of feeds around 4/5 o'clock.  He had been so unhappy and restless all day and a couple hours after his feed started, he finally fell asleep.  Jordan came to see us for a short time this evening.  I am sleeping in Cameron's room but hope to get into the Ronald McDonald house, since we will most likely be here all weekend at least.  

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