Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yesterday and today have been better days with some more answers and progress.  Yesterday, they were able to go down on his blood pressure medicine.  His blood culture showed that he has strep A in his blood.  Not normal for a child Cameron's age.  The access line Cameron had was a big concern for blood clots, so they needed to get it out within 24 hours.  We knew though that Cameron still needed IV access most likely for antibiotics and since he is on the ventilator.  With Cameron there are no good options when considering putting a line in and we can't count on just a normal IV because they can really get one an if they do it doesn't last long.  So basically the team knew that they had to pick the least, worst option.  

Cameron had a good night and by 8am this morning  his blood pressure med was turned off and has remained off.  Of course during rounds the big discussion was to decide about the line.  We found out that Cameron would need at least 5-7 days or more of IV antibiotics for the infection (strep A).  This sounds short to us compared to the six weeks for an infection he had before.  Anyway it seemed like the team was going in circles until someone had the idea of putting a "pic" line in his arm. It's not actually a true pic because they cut it short so it wouldn't go to the heart, so a glorified IV.  They increased his diarehtics today to help get more of the extra fluid off his body.  At 10:45ish they took him to the OR for his new line, after quickly getting it organized so they had everyone they needed for the procedure.  The procedure went good and he came out with a good line.  As soon as they got all his Meds going through the new line, the old line was finally taken out. The rest of the day has been pretty quiet, with Cameron being more awake and opening his eyes some.  He is still pretty sedated but every once in a while he wakes up a little.  The hope is to start going down on the ventilator settings and work towards gettin the breathing tube out within the next couple days.

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