Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well, to pick up where we left off. Friday wasn't a very good day. Cameron was very discontent most of the day and it got worse as the day went on. He was rolling from side to side in his crib, it didn't matter if he was held, set down, given toys or anything. As the evening went on they tried giving him feeds, shutting off the feeds, Motrin, Tylenol, and finally some Adavan(not sure of the spelling). The Adavan gave some relief and he finally fell asleep at about 2am this morning. Joy had come home Friday night because she had a Tupperware training Saturday and Janice stayed with Cameron. We got our phone call around 4:30 this morning, Cameron quit breathing and they were doing chest compressions to revive him. Obviously we grabbed some things and got in route to Cleveland as quickly as possible. The cops didn't even bother us as we passed him on the way. I told joy if he turns the lights on I'm asking to be escorted. Cameron had lost the IV in his wrist that he had Friday.So unfortunately when this episode started the had to get certain Meds in him very directly. After a few try's to get another IV they had no choice but to put an IV into the bone in his shin. I don't remember the technical terms for all that but... Nonetheless it is a last resort situation we learned. He was successfully put on the ventilator. We later learned the chest compressions only lasted a minute and 45 seconds. Long enough. He had to get the IV out of his bone as soon as possible because of infection dangers if I understood it all correctly. So we left the room and Dr. Stewart went to work. The new line to take the place of the IV would have to be in the upper chest area because they need to leave the veins in his thighs accessible for future catheter procedures. The risk in his chest... they cannot let the blood clot.... or else. So heparin is given to thin the blood. Xray showed the first line ended up in the artery instead of the vein so they had to pull out and go to the other side. It was successful. This evening he is resting, the vent is working and when he starts to stir, he gets a little more sedation. Right now he isn't on a drip, it's just as needed sedation. There isn't much indication of what caused anything or why his breathing has become a little more of a job. The only thing that is certain is that we are not in control. What if we were home when he did this? What if his nurse was not standing at the bedside looking at him when he quit breathing and when the heart quit pumping? We have to take courage that God is in control and we can only do the best we can in/with the situations He puts us in, of course, by His grace. We just plead for your prayers for Cameron, that Gods will be done. And don't forget about his parents, at least speaking for his dad, he can be a lot weaker than he sometimes lets others see. Thanks for all that each and every one of you do on our behalf, Jordan Joy and Cameron

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